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     Hello world! Well, my name is Cara Staley and I am the owner/personal trainer of Bicep Betties©. I am new to the "blogging" world, but I want to be able to really connect with my clients and fans, so here I am!
      After being involved in sports through high school, reality was a slap in the face when I found it harder and harder to maintain that perfect Barbie figure. I started looking for ways to get myself into a state that I could maintain a realistic diet and exercise plan that would mold into my busy lifestyle. I have admit at first I was overwhelmed by all the "junk" on the web and in stores that are claiming to aid in weight loss, etc. Was it really that complicated? Did I really need to order specialized, not to mention expensive, meals to make sure I was getting proper nutrition? Or is the key in shaking a magic powder on my greasy french-fries?
      I did my research and sought help from doctors, nutritionists, and friends who have gone through body transformations big and small. I soon learned there was no magic fad diet that was going to give me the look I wanted. I was going to take DEDICATION, mixed with a HEALTHY CHOICES, and EXERCISE! I quickly fell in love with weight training, veggies, and protein! :) Chicken is my friend!..nom nom nom.. I jumped into the modeling industry and traveled with promotional modeling all over the US. But I was hooked on health on I needed more! I started training winter of 2010 for my first NPC Bikini Fitness Competition.
      This same winter my wonderful (now) husband decided to propose and we set our wedding date and  it had to be the same month as my competition. Well, the Bridezilla I promised myself I wouldn't be slowly crept out of my carb-craving, emotional, stressed-out self and I decided it would be best to compete in the next competition in August. My husband and I were happily wed on May 17, 2011. It was the best day of my life and due to competition training, I looked dang good on my honeymoon (and, good/bad, I got to eat
all the junk I wanted!)
     Little did I know the cravings were long to be over, one month later we got pregnant and boom, bang, bing, nine months, +40 lbs, and one 20hour delivery later, our son, Lyam was in my arms. It was surreal to finally have him to hold in my arms. Though that feeling never changed, I can still remember the first day I was home. One look in the mirror at my sloppy more floppy body and I was in tears. Was it worth it? YES Do I wish it could have been worth it and still sucked all the fat out of my rather walrus related hips and thighs? YES!!!
     As soon as I was given the go ahead, I was out walking, walking, walking!! I craved some iron in my life but it just never found it's way into my new schedule of all the BabyMomma tasks I now had and I wasn't about to pay a babysitter for my one hour pump session. I needed an innovation and I needed it quick!! I tried workout videos like Insanity and various yoga burns. They helped but after a few days I just lost interest or found excuses. I started incorporating my strength training moves into my daily walks with my son. With this, I created several innovative routines, including the infamous "playground workout," that I want to share with other mom's and fit fanatics like myself!!
     Check back for workout routines, recipes, challenges, advice and much more!!! I can't wait to continue my journey and have all my clients and fans along for the ride!! This week we I have challenged my girls to the water challenge. Until further notice, we are going to be workin on our health, and only drinking pure H2O! Join us and do some work!!!

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