Bicep Betties - Fitness with finesse!
▪█───█▪ BabyMomma Betties:
The BabyMomma Bettie class was designed specifically for those moms looking to shape up, make friends, and include their bundle of joy in the process. As a new mom myself, I found it harder to make it to the gym with a baby on my hip. So instead, I have created a unique program to shape up after the bump, while providing moms with the opportunity to meet other moms in a fitness playgroup! All you need is a baby and a stroller! This class will be offered in various formats, which can be taught outdoors or in a variety of unique indoor settings.
This class will provide a unique style of interval training in which we will utilize the stroller, own body weight, and even at times, those bundles of joy. This class is loads of fun, convienient, and is sure to get you back to your bombshell self!