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Fit Mom,Aubrie Hewitt
This season's fit mom is near and dear to my heart. Aubrie Hewitt not only has inspired so many women and men to get fit and create a healthy lifestyle, she is the very woman to inspire the start of my fitness journey. She is an entrepreneur, wife, and soon-to-be mom which ensures her spot here on our inspirational fit moms page. Her passion that has found her success in the fitness world is now flowing over as a mom-to-be. Because of the healthy lifestyle she is maintaining NOW, during her pregnancy. Keeping herself healthy now will not only help through the "growing pains" of pregnancy but will also provide a healthy environment for the growing little darling and help with a quick recovery after birth so she can enjoy her little one. I am so proud to call her my friend, and congratulations again on your little one.
 Cara: Share a little about yourself.
Aubrie: I love fitness! I started my journey at age 15 and after competing twice, modeling and working with a couple great supplement companies I decided to switch over to only my career- personal training. It's a very fulfilling job where I get to share my passion with many other people and help them see their true potential. I am married to the man of my dreams and we are about 5 months away from our first baby.
Cara: Have you gone through a transformation?
Aubrie: My first transformation was back in highschool- I used to eat frosting out of the tub for goodness sake! I changed my ways I am happy to say, I found something I love more than food. Although, it was a close call ;)
Cara: How did you get your body back post-baby? (or what are you doing now to bounce back post-baby)
Aubrie: After this little guy or girl arrives I plan on hitting bikram yoga (LOVE IT!) once a week for a month or two then committing to one of their challenges: 10 classes in 10 days. Also, I'll get back to my weight training. Unfortunately I have not been able to lift weights while pregnant as I wind up sick the next two days. Walking and hikes will be my way of work this pregnant summer!
Cara: Any accomplishments you would like to share?
Aubrie: I'm finding out pregnancy in general is an accomplishment. Not that I did not believe it to be anything but that before, however you learn quite a bit once it's YOU going through it.
I've also worked with, Optimum Nutrition and have seen my photos on multiple sites. Being able to follow a passion and reach goals through fitness always had me reaching for more. I'm very grateful for all that did happen in the last few years.
Cara: Favorite fit-family activity?
Aubrie: I'm SUCH a nature-lover! I often drag my husband out for hour+ hikes in the mountains. It's where you can get a great workout and not even know it due to the beauty that surrounds you.
Cara: How do you stay fit amidst a hectic schedule?
Aubrie: Thankfully, my schedule isn't too hectic right now. However, when it was, you could find me at the gym around 6am- before the day really started. It's always my recommendation to those with busy schedules. Get it in and get it out of the way!
Cara: Words of motivation and inspiration for other moms?
Aubrie: If you were fit before, you can get there again. And if you've never been fit, now is the time to go after it. There's nothing standing in your way and most "obstacles" can be overcome and in doing so you will feel even more fulfilled.
I have many recipes on my page: and one of my absolute favorites in the Mad Green Mango Smoothie:
1 cup almond milk
1/2 banana
1/2 avocado
1 cup spinach
1 tbsp orange juice concentrate
1/2 cup mango chunks
Blend all together and enjoy!
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Fit Mom,Lacey Lynn Johnston
     Inspirational and fit mom, Lacey Lynn Johnston, is an example to us all. Sheis an extremely driven and hard-working wife, mother, competitor, and entrepreneur. Although her life is very busy, she has figured out how to balance it all. After the birth of her daughter, she longed to get back in the gym and feel strong again. She has exceeded that goal and not only competed again barely five months post-baby but also brings meaning to the words “Inspirational Mom.” What better way to kick off our "Fit Mom" page than by celebrating a "strong" woman that truly lives a fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Cara Staley: Tell us a little about you.
Lacey Lynn: I'm Lacey Lynn, a wife, Mother to a sweet 6 month old baby girl, a worldwide published fitness model and NPC figure competitor. I also own a personal training business in Utah ...
Cara: Do you have a transformation story?
Lacey Lynn: The only transformation I went through was being pregnant and getting back my body after my weight was up to 155.

Cara: How did you get your body back post-baby?
Lacey Lynn: Hard work but mostly diet. Diet is key. More than 80% of your success is diet.
Cara: What are you proudest accomplishments?
Lacey Lynn: My biggest accomplishment is being a mom. All my trophies and magazines will collect dust, but raising a little girl to be healthy and happy is and will be my greatest accomplishment
Cara: Do you have a favorite fit-family activity?

Lacey Lynn: My hubby and I are total gym rats, but some days we have to get creative and switch off. But we usually take a walk at night together as a fam :)
Cara: How do you stay fit amidst a hectic schedule?
Lacey Lynn: Some days I don't sit down, but as a trainer sometimes I make one of my clients a workout partner for the day and do my work out with them.
Cara: Do you have any words of motivation and inspiration for other moms?
Lacey Lynn: Excuses will be your ultimate failure. Most of us have hectic lives, but it's about figuring out how to balance everything. Staying healthy for your family should be a top priority :)
Know someone that is an amazing example of a "fit mom" and a healthy lifestyle? Send us your story for a chance to be recongnized as our next "fit mom." Email us at