Bicep Betties - Fitness with finesse!
Cara Staley, Founder & Trainer
-ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
-NPC Competitor
-Team Bombshell Athlete
Getting my start in the fitness industry in 2007 with fitness modeling, I wanted to continue exploring all it had to offer and so I became a Certified Personal Trainer. I met my prince charming, who also shared the same passion for fitness and we were married in May of 2011. Shortly after we found out we were pregnant with our beautiful little boy and our new journey together had begun. It never was easy pre-baby to make it to the gym, but I made sure it was part of my daily routine. But now that I am a mom, whew! I have found it even harder to make it to the gym between feedings, naps, and all my other family duities. I wasn't expecting the struggles and body changes that come along with a child. I will never forget looking in the mirror seeing myself 40lbs heaftier and spotting my first patch of stretch marks. I cried. It was at that moment that I realized youth was no longer on my side and I would need to put a little effort into my fitness and nutrition goals. I worked around my new lifestyle and merged it with my old routine. I knew how important it was to make time to work out, even if it was just at home with a workout DVD, doing lunges around the yard while calming my crying little one, and getting out for a run with the stroller. With my new time constraints, the need to get a little creative was relevant and the center of my innovative workout system.  I am so excited to share my knowledge and love of fitness!! Take control of your life! If you aren’t happy with something in your life…. Change it! No one else can do it for you. Ditch the excuses and work it!