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Question: Breastfeeding & Exercise
Jumping Jack Challenge
The 12 min workout
Rainy Day Workout
Tricking Yourself: Healthy Eating 101


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Question: Breastfeeding & Exercise

"I want to start running again, but I'm not sure how that works when breastfeeding.."
     I have had several women message me on Facebook and Twitter with questions about exercise and nutrition. Recently, I had a new mom ask a very good question regarding fitness attire when breastfeeding and exercising post baby. I wanted to share our conversation, as I know I had similar questions those first few months post-partum.
  • RoseMary Turner: "So very random and semi personal question lol.

Jumping Jack Challenge

GIVE ME 100!!
    In researching various blogs and websites to keep my fitness knowledge current and fun, I came across a few stating that 1000 jumping jacks would burn 1lb of fat (a.k.a. 3500 calories). I found this to be interesting and have made this my new challenge for my clients and fans. So, if I can burn various amounts of calories with normal weekly strength training and cardio sessions, why can't I challenge myself to burn an extra 1lb a week!
Check out this article about the challenge from Livestrong.

The 12 min workout

Today's killer 12 min workout! Push through ladies! Do as many as of each exercise as you can for one minute each.
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Incline push ups on chair
3. Crunches
4. High Knees
5. Push ups
6. Tricep Dips on chair

Rainy Day Workout

Rain Day
At Home Workout
     Unfortunately, the weather made it impossible to be out and about with the baby today. So, class was canceled... BUT we are still going to sweat it out. Monday=Leg Day for us and so with that, here is the routine my girls and I will be completing tonight.

15 Jump squats 
15 Standing Lunge 
15 High Knees
Do these three exercises in a set x3
15 Feet Together Squats
1 min wall sit (If you have a sturdy chair, you can substitute in step ups with 15 step ups per leg)

Tricking Yourself: Healthy Eating 101

      Kickstart your weekend with some clean eating!!! Being healthy really isn't all that complicated. You don't need a million dollar chef like the stars. If you want that Bombshell Body, train and eathealthy!There are manyforms of healthy, all in which can be as complicated or as easy as you want to make them! For me, having a healthy and clean diet is as simple as:
1.Awareness of what I am eating
Have you ever read some of theingredients in what you are eating?


     Hello world! Well, my name is Cara Staley and I am the owner/personal trainer of Bicep Betties©.I am new to the "blogging" world, but I want to be able to really connect with my clients and fans, so here I am!
      After being involved in sports through high school, reality was a slap in the face when I found it harder and harder to maintain that perfect Barbie figure. I started looking for ways to get myself into a state that I could maintain a realistic diet and exercise plan that would mold into my busy lifestyle.